Everytime I see a friend post about their wedding, the same day edits etc, I feel sad. I mean I am happy for them. But I am sad for me. At 33 I have already accepted a lot of things. I’ve accepted that I will never walk to the altar to my beloved I ‘ve […]

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Why do people procrastinate? Why do we feel like God owes us a tomorrow? I ask these questions to myself while I woke up late, with my room filling up with stuff that I dont need which causes me to not sleep in said room since it depresses me. I never thought it would come […]

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As I am writing this I am currently en route to a 2 day out of town trip. While I long to travel one of the things I dread is leaving my boys behind. I love them to bits and would never go long term away from them but I just feel sad whenever I […]

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I took a sick leave today. Not that I was actually sick, I just didnt feel like going to work. Its incredibly hard to study and work at the same time and kudos to those who do. i dont want to hear the crap that maybe i just dont want my license that badly.. how,about […]

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Everyday I wake up to this nightmare that is my life. As dawn breaks, I feel the light creeping on my fragile, brittle bones. I try to breathe in the air, but it is dank and musty. I try to hide under the covers but must, in every sense of the word, reject my own […]

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Fool me thrice

What is it with men and collecting women? Does it re enforce their manhood? Does it give them pleasure to have many trophies? Is it the thrill of almost getting caught that makes all the more exciting? I caught barney messaging some “random girl” He said he added the girl just because he was bored. […]

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Working for 9 years

I’ve been at my current job for almost 9 years in total, but i shifted from a different process. Everyone is leaving and i feel like i should leave while i still can, but i am somehow stuck. I just find the art of getting your diplomas, transcript of records and birth certificate tedious. I […]

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Dreaming of my mom

Every year when its near my mom’s birthday or death anniversary, she would always “visit” me. I would dream of her. Sometimes it would be in the hospital, where I am frantically searching for her. There was one where we were back at our old apartment where I grew up and we were just having […]

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